Zokir Bozorov

Chief Consultant

Zokir Bozorov is the chief consultant on PPP at Infrasia Capital Ltd.
From 2019 to 2023, Zokir headed the PPP Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.
Key achievements:
The legal framework for PPP has been created: New laws on public-private partnerships (already entered into force), Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 259 on the development of procedures for PPP projects, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 509 on the financing of PPP projects.
Developed infrastructure projects: Achieved commercial closure of 10 projects, including CCGT power plants (total 4 GW), solar (total 2 GW), wind (total 500 MW), Tashkent district heating, Samarkand International Airport, Namangan water treatment plant, Dialysis. centers in Karakalpakstan, Kharezm and Tashkent regions
Worked on structuring and preparation of other projects, including a multidisciplinary hospital, radiotherapy centers, solid waste management of the Tashkent region, 13 schools in the Tashkent region, student dormitories, Tashkent-Andijan and Tashkent-Samarkand roads.
Before joining the Company, Zokir had more than 10+ years of experience in finance, infrastructure development and services.